Jennifer Nwakaego Nnamena

Jennifer is a Serial Entrepreneur who is passionate about radiating your smiles & giving you stress and damage-free hair. She is the creative director at Egojenn Hair and Skin Care and the founder of Long Healthy Hair, an online community of women to help women grow beautiful tresses and bring out their inner beauty. She coaches on mini importation and hair care. Jennifer is a Realtor and a Network Marketer. She enjoys living nature and joy. Need help with your hair? Hop on a call with her at

3 Things You Must Not Do To Your Hair This December

I know a lot of us will be using this weekend to prep our hair for the Christmas celebration. Before you go about flaunting that...

Want More Love? Read This

Isn't it amazing how we keep trying to validate ourselves from the eyes of the others? We want to feel loved and accepted but our...
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